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To our clients the answer is fairly simple.When you are trying to protect your home or business from a criminal, it is only logical that the person advising you actually understands how and why offenders choose their targets? This may seem common sense but you would be very surprised at how few Security Experts actually know what factors criminals consider when deciding on their target. Not having this detailed knowledge is obviously a huge disadvantage when it comes to offering professional advice.


You may also be surprised to know how many of those officials who are charged with designing and maintaining our towns and cities actually have little knowledge on the subject of CPTED or Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. CPTED has been used across the world since the 1960's to successfully 'design out' crime by understanding how criminals interact with any given environment. Again we are able to offer the services of our consultant who has an who has an acknowledged expertise in this specialist area of Crime Prevention.

Apart from spending over twenty-five years as a Metropolitan Police Officer since 2005 our expert , Paul Daykin, has been interviewing criminals to understand how and why they select their chosen targets. His wealth of knowledge is applied to advise our clients on how to remove those features that are more likely to make them become the victims of crime.

Paul's expert knowledge on his specialist subject has been acknowledged since 2007 by invitations to speak at University College London, Oxford Brookes University, the Chamber of Commerce and a variety of other commercial business forums. Most recently in October 2013 he presented to both the Rural and Business Crime Conferences at the Alliance of West Mercia and Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioners.

What evidence is there that CCTV really deters criminals and prevents crime ?

For a comprehensive answer please Read More but by way of a clue , if you are looking for a consultant to recommend CCTV as the panacea for all crime reduction then we are not the company for you.

However if you are seeking highly professional advice then please visit our  About Us  page for more details.




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Far too often we rely on CCTV because it is a product that is familiar to us all but in reality how easy is it for criminals to overcome?



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