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Poor Design presents easy opportunities to commit crime and pictured above is a classic example of where 'security' gates and fencing can be easily bypassed. 





Copyright 2014. 4Risk Prevention . All rights reserved.









Copyright 2014. 4Risk Prevention . All rights reserved.








The Clue is in the word 'Prevention'


Physical features such as lighting and the design of buildings have been proven to have a direct influence upon the target choice of criminals. Well designed buildings with efficient security have also been proven to increase a sense of safety by those who live or work in them. When researching countless scenes of crime it has been possible to identify common features that have led to individual residential or commercial properties being targeted.         


Where our Crime Prevention advice differs from that of the majority of Security Companies is that firstly our consultant is a former police and home office trained Crime Prevention Officer, and secondly our aim therefore is to prevent crime and not just record it. There is little current documentary evidence that CCTV deters criminals unless there is an immediate response to what is being viewed. With no commercial affiliation with any security manufacturer or products we are able to offer you objective, professional AND independent advice on the most appropriate and cost-effective security measures for your needs.


If only investment in Crime Prevention followed the rhetoric.......








Failing to adhere to the numbered principles increases the risk of this property being targeted by a Criminal.

Prevention is the cheapest AND most effective way to deal with crime - everything else is simply picking up the pieces of the failures that have gone before."


David Cameron - Prime Minister - speech on Crime October 2012

Crime Prevention                                            


The following 10 Crime Prevention principles are a well established method for reducing crime.


1.Target Hardening: "Making items resistant to attack,remove or damage - e.g. a burglar alarm."                 

2.Target Removal: "Permanent or temporary removal of vulnerable persons or property"

3.Removing the Means: "Removing items capable of being used to help an offender commit a crime."

4.Reduce the Payoff: "Reducing the gain to the criminal - e.g. reduce the amount of cash kept in a till."

5.Access Control: "Restricting access to buildings or parts of sites and buildings."


6.Surveillance: "Making sure that offenders would be visible if they carried out a crime."

7.Environmental Design: "Changing the design or layout to reduce opportunities for committing crime."

8.Rule Setting: "Introducing rules that set out what is acceptable behaviour - e.g. Visitors report to.."

9.Increase the Risk of being Caught: "Using additional Security measures - e.g Lighting , Fencing."

10.Deflecting Offenders: "Diverting offenders and young potential offenders before they commit crime."



Opposite - An example where applying the principles would have made the property less vulnerable to crime.



Ensuring Common Sense is Common Practice