4Risk Prevention
" Whilst being pragmatic, Paul is one of the most innovative thinkers I've ever met as Crime Prevention Consultant. A Doer not a talker, he's up for any challenge, no matter how engrained or difficult. He understands the constraints that bind the commercial sector, ranging from budgetary to legal, and invariably is able to find a solution. I recommend Paul without hesitation.”



Phil Cleary – CEO Smartwater Technology - Telford , Shropshire

“Paul Daykin in my opinion, made a unique and invaluable contribution to the urban regeneration of the Shoreditch area of East London. More often than not CPTED [Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design] is not considered as part of the regeneration process. When considered it is often only done when an area is failing and people complain about crime and fear of crime. Built Environment Professionals ,often architects and planners, tasked with considering crime prevention as part of the design process, lack actual experience in combating crime and have little understanding of the ‘modus operandi’ of criminals. Paul was able to impart his expert knowledge in this area to inform the design and layout of many regenerated areas."

Joost Bergers - former Principal Planning Officer – Highbury & Islington Council

“Paul worked closely with me on crime prevention and lighting standards that we installed to reduce crime and fear of crime. His advice was invaluable in showing me methods that criminals used within the night environment to commit crime. This greatly assisted me as to how I relit some of the areas that were of concern and the outcome was a large reduction in criminal activity in the relit areas. Designing out risk is a godsend to residents and we could not have done it as successfully without Paul's help.”

Steve Caroll - Team Leader, Street Lighting, London Borough of Hackney




"A very experienced Crime Prevention practitioner, Paul Daykin of 4Risk Prevention has provided us with information, presentations and examples of his work which have been used to share 'good practice' on the National Training Programme for Crime Prevention Officers and Architectural Liaison Officers from across the UK. Paul is extremely knowledgeable in this field of work and he has willingly supported others who are new to this specialist role."

Janet Caton – [National Policing Improvement Agency] now the College of Policing

“I worked directly and indirectly with Paul over a number of years and in two different police locations. He was an enthusiastic and committed public servant who cared for his colleagues and the people he served. His recent work is centered on prevention and risk management /avoidance but he has a solid background in enforcement and investigation, gained in the toughest parts of London over a period of years. Investigators work both on their own and as part of a team and are flexible, adaptive and committed. This investigative background led him to a longer term interest in prevention and he's proved himself an effective crime prevention consultant. Paul is an interesting and engaging man and will be interested in you as a client, colleague or friend.”

Martin Mitchell – former Police Superintendent, Metropolitan Police 

 “Paul Daykin, has been a massive support and demonstrated that he has energy and a genuine desire to bring positive change in all things he undertakes. He is a man of vision and uses practical common sense to resolve issues. I know he has many skills but his particular knowledge base sits in crime prevention, social enterprise and urban regeneration. He has helped me with many charity projects and is currently helping by use of his extensive network skills to organise a Social Enterprise conference in Hereford. This illustrates his wide skill set but equally his voracious appetite for work and making things happen."

Nick Nenadich – Hereford City Councillor and former Magistrate



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